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Grant's 100th birthday was March 2, 2015

Grant Vogel's Vacation Diaries

Grant Vogel

Our Travels and Cruises 1972 -

Egypt tour May, 1972

The First Vogel Reunion June, 1982

The Worst Cruise Ever Through the Panama Canal - San Pedro to Florida 1995

Panama Canal, April and May, 1997

London to Boston, September and October, 1997

CRUISE TO HAWAII - 4-14 to 4-30 98.
16-Day Circle Hawaii Cruise, LA to LA, on Holland America's Statendam.

Family Reunion, June, 1998

21-Day African Safari and Cruise, November and December, 1998


Moscow to St. Petersburg Sept. 1 thru 18, 1999.

CRUISE TO ALASKA April 30-May 12, 2000

San Diego-Hawaii Cruise - April 17-May 3, 2001

19th Vogel Reunion July 2001

Los Angeles to Sydney cruise Jan 20 to Feb 17, 2002

The Twentieth Annual Vogel Family Reunion June 2002

A trip to Holland July, August, 2002

My Trip to Bangladesh and India September 30 through October 14, 2004

Grant and David visit Corsica, South Dakota, September, 2005

Walker hand shield or guard
Nancy's book Four and Twenty Beds