Grant and David visit Corsica, South Dakota

September, 2005

The farm was known as Silverdale Stock farm. This was in big letters on the side of the barn, that could be seen from the road. The live stock we had included pure bred Holstein cattle that because of their high quality Dad sold Bull caves to dairies all over. He even sold and shipped calves to five different countries including Australia. When Dad decided to retire and had sale dairymen came from as far as California to buy live stock. Other animals that we had were horses, pigs and chickens. The size of the farm was a one half section -- 320 acres. Our main crops were corn, wheat, oats and barley. some land was pasture for the horses and cattle. We had a hay field to feed the cattle we also had a silo that we filled every summer for winter feed for the cows. When I was about 8 I was working in the field with 4 horses using different farm machinery. When I was 14. I did most of the field work using a tractor most of the time. By that time my older brothers were no longer living at home. Dad and the smaller kids took care of the animals. That included feeding and milking the cows, separating the milk and selling the cream. Always had quite few chickens. sold the eggs. We also had a lot of honey bees that was quite a bit of work some times of the year. When they were swarming and when we harvested the honey.

Grant Vogel

1. We flew from Denver to Souix Falls

2. Our first view of the farm from the north


4. silos

5.fence on north side

6. fence inspection

7. barbed wire on top, hog wire on the bottom

7. Martin and I built that fence over 70 years ago.

9. NW corner of the farm

10. driveway

11. from the south

12. new farm house

13. looking around

14. the old chicken house

15. barnyard

16. on top of the windmill

17. the old barn

18. let's take a look in the old barn

19. we used to milk cows here

20. milking stanchions

21. hay loft

22. silos

23. friendly farm dog

24. they look healthy!

25. the old cistern

26. the cistern pump now decorates the flower garden

27. just like I remembered it

28. old mail box in the flower garden

29. The one room school house stood here, one mile east of the farm

30. downtown Corsica during rush hour

31. Corsica cemetary

31. relatives still live in the area

32. The old farm house has been moved into town

33. old photo of the farm house

34. upstairs bedroom

35. old door upstairs

36. farm house stairway

37. the farm from above

38. from The Corsica Globe