How I solved the dangerous situation of needing hand protection for my senior dad's walker

Hand guards for a disability walker

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My dad was over 100 years old, and living in a nursing home - senior assisted living facility. He used a walker to get around.

He walked pretty fast, but his vision wasn't very good, so he'd often bump into things. His hands were always in danger of injury, since his hands were at the top and side of the walker handles, and exposed to whatever he would run into.

Twice he'd torn the delicate skin on the back of his hand by running into the handrails at the nursing home.

I assumed there would be hand guards available on line, since supposedly you can find everything on the internet.

I searched high and low, using search terms like "walker hand guards", "walker hand protection", but there didn't seem to be anything available. What a surprise. I figured it must be a common problem. The nurses at the nursing home tell me it's a fairly common injury.

Necessity being the mother of invention, I started trying to figure out how to solve the problem. I didn't want my parent to injure himself any more.

I finally settled on a do it yourself solution. I went to Amazon and bought a pair of hand muffs . They fit nicely over the handles and left enough room so that the walker's brake handles were still accessible.

I used a pair of strong clips. to hold the protective hand muffs on, and another smaller pair of clips to keep them staight.

The hand muffs I used had a zipper that I was able to open halfway, so there was room for the brake handles.

After several weeks of use I've found his hands to be well protected. Even though he still bumps into corners and door handles he hasn't hurt himself. The nurses are raving about what a good idea it is.

I wish someone would come up with a better solution, but for now it's the best thing I know of to solve this dangerous problem.