16-Day Circle Hawaii Cruise, LA to LA, on Holland America's Statendam.
4-14 to 4-30 98.

About 2 p.m. we had our luggage in Nancy's car and we went to Donna's. We played a game of dominoes at her place, then we went to the cruise terminal. Took our luggage and Donna took off. She will keep the car and pick us up when we get back to the LA port April 30. We soon were on the ship and into our cabin, No. 413, a nice outside cabin with a large window on the lower promenade deck. The window glass was a one way mirror, we could see out, and often saw people walking on the deck, but they could not see in.

We had asked for early dinner seating, 6 p.m., but we were so late booking our cruise that they gave us the second seating starting at 8:15 and finishing about 9:30, too late for us. There were quite a few others that wanted earlier dinner.

The next morning we again asked for early seating, so they opened a small section off the dining room for about 40 people and we were assigned an early seating in this area. We were at a large round table for nine people. We liked that a lot better. Also, because we were late making our reservations and all the outside rooms were taken, we were assigned an inside cabin. I called the travel agent several times to check if there were any cancellations so we could get an outside cabin. The answer was always no, none available. At the last day before sailing on April 13 I called again and the lady at the travel agency said hold on while I check. In a few minutes she said there was a cancellation and that was how we got an outside cabin. We were glad for that.

Our ship left LA harbor about 6 p.m. The next morning we were at Ensenada, Mexico. We could not get off the ship there, took on some more people and about 11 p.m. we were off for Hawaii. The next 4 days we will be at sea doing a lot of eating, some walking, taking in some shows and movies. At our dinner table a couple, Ed and Priscilla, said they liked to play pinochle, and we played with them several times, or even maybe quite a few times.

Monday April 20
After 4 or close to 5 days at sea we got to Lahaina, Maui. This is the island where Sally lives, so after breakfast about 9 a.m. we got off the ship. We had a car rented. I had to phone the National Car Rental and they said they did not have anyone to pick us up. They told us to rent a cab and they would credit us for the charges. It was quite a ways and the cab cost $12. When we got to the car rental office we rented a nice blue Pontiac, it was quite new. We called Sally from there and it was decided to meet her in Makawao, and we would go out for lunch. This we did, we had a little lunch and a nice visit with her. Then we drove out to their home, they live quite a way out in the country, such a nice area, lush and green, mountains, ocean view. Sally's mailing address is Haiku, Hawaii. Mike was home but the children were not home so we did not get to see them. We were there for about an hour, we got our Email from David and Donna, and Nancy sent Email to both of them from Sally's place. Soon Mike had to leave so we followed him to the main highway, a nice winding road, not the one we used going to Sally's. We drove back to Lahaina and the car rental place and returned the car. They took us back to the ship. That evening after dinner we saw a show and played cards with another couple, George and Rita.

This morning we got to Kona. After breakfast we got off the ship and phoned Avis Car Rental. They came in about 20 minutes and took us to their office near the airport. We got a Ford Contour, a very nice car. We had no special place to go so we started out away from Kona and went about 40 miles to Waikoloa Village. It was a nice winding road and at a higher elevation. The country all the way as far as we could see was covered with lava rock. Only the resorts and town, they were covered with green and they were very nice. After only about 3 hours we took the car back and were taken to the ship. We played pinochle with Ed and Priscilla before dinner, turned in quite early as both were tired. I had also done some laundry that day.

Wed 4-22.
We arrived at Honolulu, we had a car reserved but decided we didn't care for it as we had been there several times, so we canceled it and got a day pass on a trolley bus that made the rounds to points of interest. We got off at several spots and when we were ready to catch the next little bus got on and we got back about 1 p.m., had lunch. I went out again. There were lots of shops nearby. Had dinner and saw a show, the show was local Polynesian dancers. It was a pretty good show.

Thurs April 23
Today we get to Kawaii. This forenoon the ship sailed around the island and about 11:30 it docked at Nawiliwili. This was a commercial dock and there were no stores or buses in the area, but there were free shuttles to two different areas. We went to the one that was close by but it was not very interesting, it was right on a nice beach so we walked around some and sat on a bench under a tree and watched the ocean. It was so peaceful. After a while we walked around the shops and soon took a shuttle back to the ship, just in time to go to a 2 p.m. movie. It was not very good but I did stay to the bitter end. As usual dinner and a show.

Friday, April 24.
Hilo. This is our last day in Hawaii. Tonite at 5 p.m. we start back to the mainland. During the past night the sea was a little rough, and we got to Hilo about 10 a.m. We were scheduled to get there at 9 and the weather was not nice at all. It was raining a little and the fog was very low. We had a car reserved but did not feel like driving in the rain and fog so I canceled our car. After lunch we took a shuttle to a very nice large shopping center. There we sent Email again, got back to the ship about 3 p.m., went to the library, did some reading, about 4:30 went back to the cabin and rested, and at 6 p.m. dinner. After dinner as usual, a show and retire for the night.

Sat. April 25.
Starting across the Pacific. A 2-hour stop at Ensenada and on our way back to California and home. Most days are pretty much the same when we are out to sea. I get up about 7 a.m., and start my morning walk on the promenade deck. I walk about 2 miles and go in and have a little breakfast. I bring NJ a carton of milk as she is about getting up at this time. After breakfast Team Trivia, then a beginners' bridge lesson. Then lunch, sometimes a show, often pinochle with either Ed and Priscilla or George and Rita, both couples like to play. Our cruise included two Sundays, and they had a nice Protestant service each time. There was a big crowd at each.

Wed April 29.
Last full day at sea. 10:45 a.m. disembarkation meeting, and today we start packing and get ready to get off in the morning.

We disembark today. We got off the ship about 9:20. Soon Donna arrived, took us and our luggage to her home. We left her and we started for home. Stopped on the way for some groceries, got home before 11 a.m., brought groceries and luggage into the house, and I was off to the bowling alley. Aloha!