16th Vogel Family Reunion

June 17 to 22, 1998. Grand Rapids, Michigan
by Grant Vogel

Wednesday, June 17.

Bill, Helen, Martin and I were traveling together by Northwest airlines. Martin got to our place about 6:45 am, we all got in his car and drove to David's place. He got into the car with us and we went to the Orange County airport. We took our luggage and checked it to Grand Rapids . David went home; he will keep Martin's car and pick us up when we get back on the 22nd. We were soon on the plane and left on time, 8:30, for Detroit, where we had to change planes to Grand Rapids. We had a good flight to Detroit. They gave us a nice breakfast, including coffee, soft drinks, etc. We got to Detroit about 4 p.m., on time. We were scheduled to leave for Grand Rapids about 5 p.m. About 5:30 we were advised of a mechanical problem with the plane. And there were no standby planes available. So they would bus us to Grand Rapids. There was some delay and we got to Grand Rapids about 11 p.m. I rented a car, a nice '88 Olds and Bill, Helen, Martin and I were off to Lefty's place. Harry was picking up Trudy, so it was close to midnight when we got to Lefty and Betty's. Then we all went to Denny's for something to eat as we had only had breakfast all day.

Thursday morning at 9 we went to Meijers where we get together every morning for breakfast. We had a good group, including Betty from Shreveport, Betsy and her son Chris. About noon we went and bowled for a while. Walt Baas bowled with us. He is just about 97; he sure looks good. This evening we went to a park to celebrate Harry and Betty's 50th anniversary. A very nice evening, plenty of food, about 40 to 50 people, friends and relatives. Tom had made a nice video about the life of their family including some old pictures and showed it on a TV.

Friday was much like Thursday; this evening we went to the Holiday Inn, had a nice evening including dinner in a banquet room there.

Saturday again we had breakfast and said goodbye to Betty, Betsy, Chris and Lee Gray Boze, as they were leaving today. Sure was nice that they had joined us as this was the first time and we hope they will be able to join us again next year. Rett had planned to come but something came up and he had to cancel. Saturday about noon Bill, Helen, Martin and I went to Harry and Betty's place to see their very nice new condo. Betty had a nice lunch for us. Saturday evening we went to Russell's for dinner and then back to Lefty's for the evening.

Sunday we went to church in a park.

During the reunion there were quite a few cousins that joined us several times including Cora and Irene and also many nephews and nieces.

Monday, we had breakfast at 8 a.m. as we were leaving today. About 8:45 we said goodbye and drove to the airport and got rid of the car. We had a good flight home. David was waiting for us.